Mind versus conscious presence

Meditation BlogDo you know those days when everything seems to be off? It could be as simple as stubbing your toe or forgetting to call someone back, to as disastrous as losing a business opportunity or hurting a relationship. Some days you wish you never got out of bed, but it could be that these types of days are opportunities to go within and be still. It is the dance between Mind versus conscious presence.

You know you have a mind that knows, thinks, experiences, wants and feels, etc.; all of these processes are the mind at work.

Are you aware of your conscious presence? Often known as Higher Intelligence or inner spirit/Self, it is not as easy to identify as the mind, yet it is a profound feeling of kindness, joy and ultimately love. Your mind is that, too.

Meditation Wisdom

There are many techniques and tools for meditation. I will share simple meditation wisdom.

Simple Meditation: Find a comfortable seat, feel your feet on the ground and take a simple breath in and out. Now, put your hands together and look at your clasped hands; close your eyes. You know that your hands are touching, yet how do you know your hands are touching? What is the mind doing that you are able to know your hands are touching? You know this because your mind is aware and paying attention to your hands, even if they cannot see your hands. Your mind moves its attention to your sensory body bringing your wisdom to the feeling. Would you know that your hands were touching if your mind was thinking about something else? NO.

Maggie MeditationYou can see that it is not merely because your hands are touching that you know, rather it is because the mind is paying attention, and awareness is the quality that knows your hands are touching. With eyes still closed, shift your attention from your hands to your feet. This shift in attention is actually the mind at work. It is the mind paying attention. If you know that you are paying attention, then you are aware of the mind. There is no need to go searching for the mind, as everyone more or less knows it. Knowing, thinking, planning, and intentions are all workings of the mind. It’s just not as easy at first to recognize the mind, as it is other objects, because of a lack of understanding of what the mind is.

Meditation is basically to transform the mind from random thoughts and limitations to an expanded state of being. Meditation is built on the body, mind, and soul connection and how each supports the other. When the mind is still, the body is inflow, and a deeper understanding of our outer and inner world is in continual play, harmonizing our experience at this moment.

Breath is the foundation of meditation. It is designed to take command of the mind, allowing you to move your attention to what you desire. Wherever you place your attention, awareness, and energy will expand. The breath is also the link that will reduce stress and release both body and mind from painful or limiting thoughts. The breath is Free and our greatest tool to promote inner stillness and mind clarity. When we are still, the breath relaxes the body and opens pathways to experience our natural Self. We truly are in this moment.

Being human ultimately is a spirit being in a human body. When we die, we often say spirit has left the body. When we are fully vibrant, we often say, “ what a beautiful spirit/soul.” Meditation is an easy tool that can be done anywhere, even in a business meeting or a heated discussion. Simply follow your breath, using it to go within and bring your nervous system back to balance and stillness. Experiencing meditation allows us to discover emotional or physical pain and, in a moment, can transform it and limit suffering. Buddha taught that, even during a life full of suffering, we could simply become a witness to pain rather than suffer from emotional attachment to it.

The foundation of meditation is breath. Everyone alive is breathing, so let us use this great gift in ways that support our everyday life. I like to start with breathing in through the nose, feeling the cool air filling the body and out, releasing tension from the exhalation. Fear and mental confusion, through awareness, diminishes. It is FREE at any moment you like. What a gift!

Life Happens

Cystal Ball MeditationLife is happening all around us. Even the smallest thing becomes a point of awareness. There is no lack of things to observe. In meditation, we are not to control what is happening physically or emotionally. We are observing that which is rising and falling away.

How we focus on an object will show us what is going on in our minds. The mind can change frequency, supporting either illness or wellness. You have control of this. You have the will for limitation or expansion. Brainwaves can be activated for healing. Many see it as the glass half full or empty. Next time you have discomfort, I invite you to stop, take a conscious breath, let the mind go within to calm the body down.

Here is an example: A person is talking strongly to you. This makes you feel fearful, even angry. As you become aware of this strong response, you focus on using your breath to help the body ground and centre to release tension within. You may hear the strong talk yet no longer feel it in fear or anger. You become the observer of yourself and the other. This powerful awareness influences the whole energy field between both people and the room it is happening in. Often the conversation will move from mind limitations to mind conscious presence. This is Love in action.

Become so comfortable with breath awareness that you speak from the inner presence of mind rather than neediness, even in business meetings. You BE something…. YOU!

Ask Yourself

Where is my mind’s attention? What am I focusing on? Do I want this focus to be my life experience? Is this what my purpose is today? How is my attention affecting my body and emotions?

It is the mind that meditates. Your inner Self or Spirit is perfect.

Here are five wisdom steps from meditation.

  1. Sati = awareness
  2. Saddhna = faith
  3. Virya = energy
  4. Samadhi = blissful union
  5. Panna = wisdom

Many scientific and alternative studies have proven that the power of our attention can transform a contracted state into an expanded one. When our minds’ attention is in a meditative state, life is in flow and harmony, energizing life from within to build our presence and life success.

“When we practice with wanting or expectations, we are meditating with greed. When we practice with dissatisfaction and discontent, we are meditating with aversion. When we practice without having a real understanding of what we are doing, we are meditating with delusion.” Ashin Tejaniya

“Be in your Sahaja State…your natural Self of LOVE”
Maggie Calder

You are magnificent. Now is the time to be nothing less. I am thankful for our connection. Namaste means “I see you in me.”

Namaste, Maggie Calder.org

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