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New Earth BlogHave you ever reflected during this pandemic that the whole world is transforming? This is not just one country- it is a planet moving us all into a new way of being. You are a history maker right now. You are part of being an influencer to a New Earth Now. It is time to realize and accept that new earth is manifesting. This new earth is not manifesting tomorrow or a year from now; it manifests at this very moment. Every thought you think, every word you say, is evolving into oneness, allowing this new earth to unfold. Each of us is responsible for two compelling aspects that we carry within to help this new life path unfold—your ATTENTION and INTUITION.


A past friend of mine and teacher, Eckhart Tolle, once told me that our attention is the power that makes things happen. Where is your attention?

Attention is our inner personal manifesting tool. Where we place our attention expands and manifests. Focus on ego: thoughts of me-ism, which will expand and often create some kind of emotional limitation for you and pass that ego thought on. Is your attention to the past, future or this moment?

If it is in the past or future, it has some ego rhythm to it. If it is in the here and now, at this moment, you have the power to make life-changing decisions. When your attention is on inner wisdom- what is really happening NOW, that attention opens infinite possibilities of flow, success and transformation. It can be hard to observe the now. In my experience, it is the most powerful place to make a change. Inner wisdom is often said to be Heart Consciousness, and even Christ Consciousness is given to each of us by a Higher intelligence, often known as God.

Maggies JoyIndulge me by trying this exercise. Read something inspiring and as you read, bring your attention to your breath. Each breath can bring you into heart consciousness. As you read each word, be aware of what images, thoughts, or feelings arise.

Can you feel how the body calms while your attention focuses on a word and breath awakens your thoughts and emotions? This is not the word itself; it is your relationship to that word. If the word brings up an uncomfortable experience, may I suggest you change the relationship with that word, and you will start to change the relationship with the world?

Can you sense how you have become alert to your inner self and the environment? Attention is a powerful tool for this new earth. Something within changed, affecting our outer world in a fresh new way. It only took a moment in time, and life changed. You have moved your attention from limitation to expansion. I have found when this inward awareness happens, like a pebble tossed in the water, it begins a ripple effect from within us, outwards to the world.

Now take another breath. Feel how a relaxed feeling within has created a sense of space without. Something deep within is speaking to you in making a conscious change. It may be quiet, yet it is there, offering insight and guidance. I ask you—what within is doing this? What within you is awakening? Check-in! See what is allowing you to expand your attention. Witness how your body seems to engage, how it feels more alive.

What is that awareness? It is active because of your attention. Moving your attention from the mind story or fear to the inner wisdom and excitement begins to arise. This path is the gateway to your “INTUITION.”


Two years ago, I needed to sell my home. My real estate broker told me that it was not a good time to sell and that no one was buying homes. The broker said that if I put my home on the market, I would lose money. I said WE WILL SEE.

Eckhart Tolle & Maggie CalderDaily I went into a still meditation about my home, the land it was on and the community. I asked the house to bring the family who would be the right fit. While in meditation, I saw all the wonderful people who came to visit me and add their blessings to my home. I expanded that to the family, who would be the new owners living in this home: gentle warmth and joy-filled me. I felt clarity with receiving this image, moving my attention to this truth, thus opening up the gateway for my intuition. This intuition naturally guided me to make changes. Soon after, a wonderful family purchased the home that fit all the puzzle pieces, creating a new picture and adding to the world. It was a simple step towards creating new earth.

Intuition is your bridge between the higher intelligence and your personal environment. It is the universe in service to our humanity. Intuition is designed to help unfold the natural Self. Our authentic Self is peace, love and joy. Even the most disturbed person is in all of us to be here in peace, love and joy.

Permit yourself to open the pathway of intuition, your gut feeling, that infinite possible wisdom. Your acknowledgement of the potential for change is the shining light. It is your birthright. This is how important you are!

You have the responsibility to mature in this awareness to be a history maker. Allow the partnership of intuition with mind and body to work harmoniously by checking where your attention is. In that maturity, you will allow your life to be influenced by this wisdom, responding to your world rather than reacting. You are building new earth here and now. Even reading this is building new earth. Thank you, my dear sisters and brothers.

“Be in your Sahaja State…your natural Self of LOVE”
Maggie Calder

You are magnificent. Now is the time to be nothing less. I am thankful for our connection. Namaste means “I see you in me”.

Namaste, Maggie

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