Limited Consciousness

What is Mindfulness and Its Importance.Have you found moments in your day speeding you at a locomotive pace? It feels hard to catch up as you get continuously lost doing rather than being. When we stop to rest, fatigue only gives us crumbs of life energy instead of embracing each moment. You find later in the day you have limited conscious interactions, often filling the void with trivial TV or social media. I ask you to check-in and ask yourself, "have I had a mindful moment today?" If not, allow me to guide you to find the power of being in the NOW Mindfully.

Being Mindful

In our modern world of constant connectivity, many of us live on autopilot, not fully aware of our conscious experiences. The aim of Being Mindful is to build awareness of our conscious experiences and improve our Mindful focus, thereby enhancing our well-being.

Integral to the process of conscious awareness is Mindful presence. Being Mindful is to be aware of what is being experienced, in this moment, in the here and now. One way to describe it is the capacity to pay full attention, without any judgment, to what is going on within our mind and body in relationship to our outer world.

Being Mindful awakens the change that is waiting within. In that wisdom, you will find the courage to embrace the unfamiliar, ultimately leading to more empowered behaviours. I invite you to push the boundaries and observe the unknown, which is the precursor for change.

Being Mindful ultimately means to be in the moment, here and now. We feel our body, awaken our senses, allow our Breath to ground and center within. When we are in a meditative state, we clear the body from tension while calming our nervous system.

Mindful Meditation

What is Mindfulness and Its Importance.At this moment, are you aware of the room you are in? Become aware of the sounds, smells, even the texture of your clothing against your skin. Can you hear the thoughts arising in your mind? If these form into peaceful words, that's a good thing, but you may tell the mind to take a rest as you want your whole body /mind system to be Mindfully Connected if judging or limiting.

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These you can do sitting at a stoplight, for example, standing in a lineup, taking care of your kids, at work, or at almost any time you feel the need.

Conscious Breath: move your attention to your heart area. Take a conscious breath, feeling it fill your body and release. Keep your attention on your Breath. As you breathe, ask that Breath to find any emotional or physical tension. Acknowledge the tension and as you breathe out, allow the Breath to release the tension and relax the body. Do this several times, and you will find the nervous system and the mind settle down.

“Be in your Sahaja State…your natural Self of LOVE”
Maggie Calder

What is Mindfulness?

What is MindfulnessMindfulness has many definitions. We describe it as the capacity to entirely base our attention at this moment, with little to no judgment. Being Mindful is not what you do; it is how you do it. When you are fully in the moment, you are aware of your outer world-your body, thoughts, feelings, smells, sounds, and more. You are here in the NOW. This conscious moment expands when we are aware of our emotional and physical states.

We go from experiencing limitations to expansion, from confusion to clarity. It allows us to naturally be happy, lifting merely acceptable conditions into exceptional connections. Whether you are aware of pleasure or pain, Mindfulness can fill each moment with meaning. When we are doing, we are task-oriented, focused on problem-solving and measuring achievement. We are goal-driven and critical of failure. In contrast to doing, being allows us to have mental rest, replenish our emotional resources and allow for creativity, human connection, and more informed decision-making.

Everyone can recall at least one time when they were completely awake when everything became clear and vivid. These 'peak' moments can happen when we experience something unusually beautiful, such as a child's birth. Our senses are fully open, and we are present, alive, and in the moment.

Why practice mindfulness?

A wealth of research shows that the practice of Mindfulness leads to improved concentration, focus, peace of mind, better sleep, higher work productivity, and more happiness and contentment, all while improving our relationships.

In addition, recent studies have indicated that practicing Mindfulness has a significant impact on reducing stress and is useful in helping prevent potential dis-ease(s) that arise from the day-to-day "reality" of our increasingly busy lives.

Every day we miss the vast number of conditions for happiness that already exist within and around us. Instead, we focus on things we still need rather than what we do have. We all know the sentence; "I'II be happy when….".

Practicing Mindfulness creates new behavioural patterns from higher intelligence. Mindfulness is grounding. Negativity is released; gratitude builds, which is activated in our Gamma brain. Gamma is the state that allows us to feel safe, grounded. It's the highest state in which we belong and which we deserve. I will share more about brainwave magic in other blogs.

You are magnificent. Now is the time to be nothing less. I am thankful for our connection. Namaste means "I see you in me."

Namaste, Maggie Calder

Maggie Sailing