About Maggie Calder

Meet Maggie Calder

The first thing you see in Maggie is joyful, spontaneous energy resting in the foundation of her truth and wisdom. Maggie’s mission in life is straightforward–to guide all to be and discover their Natural Self and Life Path.

She has led an eclectic life path as an entrepreneur, writer, chef, motorbike enthusiast, producer, speaker, meditation in movement and sound, supporting all to find their path. She offers services in Victoria and Langford, Canada, as well as online.

Exploration and adventure are in her genes. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to New York and then to Toronto with her family around age six. At 14 years old, she learned to ride motorbikes with her biker Da. This led to her racing motorbikes in her early teens. As she grew into a youthful beauty, she stepped into an unexpected career as a fashion model. Maggie broke the mould of the typical stereotype of the time, as she was a strong, independent young woman.

About Maggie Calder

In the 1980s, she hitchhiked across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver and made it her home. She trained as a chef at Pierre Dubreuil and opened a catering company that served the local Vancouver Yates. She was then hired as the manager of a 5-star restaurant and guided them in mastering the hospitality industry.

One fateful evening, she was invited to a private gathering and was introduced to Eckhart Tolle. After a single conversation, Maggie knew she had found her path with Eckhart. Her life would never be the same again as she learned about mindful living. For four years, she studied with Eckhart, assisting him and acting as his private chef.

With Eckhart Tolle’s blessings, Maggie founded Heartland Center in Chicago and became a stepmother for two boys. In 2006, she met a profound teacher, Shri Mooji, whom she hosted at the Heartland Center and travelled with India, Brazil, and Portugal.

Both Tolle and Mooji loved her cooking and her spiritual accomplishments. With their blessings, she created new spaces and venues worldwide. Along the way, Maggie was voted “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Business Women of Vancouver. She was invited to be the introductory speaker at events for Caroline Myss, Jason Silva, Bodhi, and Eckhart Tolle. During this time, she was also a co-founder of a successful Chicago building and renovation company, transforming many Northwestern professionals and community homes.

Maggie Calder Fire Ceremony

Maggie was inspired to travel as she discovered sacred India sadu teachers and her beloved Thailand. While in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Maggie learned the Buddha Dharma as a monk. She was called a “nun-monk” at Wat Fai Hin and studied with Master Phra Bhasakorn, a noted teacher in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. With this experience, she teaches at temples, schools and centers around the world.

Maggie currently resides in the scenic location overlooking the Haro Strait to Mount Baker, where eagles and hummingbirds visit, allowing her to deepen her meditation skills. With treasures from Asia, East meets West as she continues her life’s mission to co-create the new ethos so desperately needed in these times.

To that end, she offers Brain Spa Light and Infrared Therapy, Sound and Movement Meditation, Mindful Programs and Coaching. Most of these modalities can be accessed online, and all of them are available in person. Maggie loves sharing with new people and interacting in new communities, bringing a deeper awareness to all who are ready. Together we are forming the new world.


  • Retreat Centers Owner/Visionary – 2002 Heartland, in Chicago USA – 2015 Sahaja Blessings, in Kelowna CAN – 2020 Sahaja Sanctuary, in Victoria CAN
  • Coaching/Therapy – TeamUp
  • Phra Bhasakorn – Master Monk in Thailand and holly temple.
  • Sri Mooji – consultant, promoting, inner tools
  • Eckhart Tolle – private assistant, mind/soul wisdom
  • Keynote speaker: 2017, Caroline Myss, Jason Sliva, Joshua Dawson, many other locations
  • Thai six travel Release: Sewing school for children education in the sex trade
  • Published writer: Evolving your spirit magazine

Meditation CD – A simple breath
Bahai Prayer CD – Divine Prayers

In Mid 2021, Maggie will be sharing her Mindful Podcast show called “Mindful Table Talk.” Join her website newsletter to learn more.