About Maggie CalderThe first thing you see in Maggie is joyful, spontaneous energy. Chocolate for breakfast any one?

Maggie’s mission in life is clear.

An eclectic entrepreneur, writer, chef, motorbike enthusiast, producer, speaker, mandala dancer, and pathfinder in mindfulness practices. Maggie has recently opened her office in Victoria and Langford, BC, Canada, where people can explore online or, in person, the emerging world consciousness.

Exploration and adventure are in her genes. Her family first moved from Glasgow, Scotland, where she was born. Maggie & her family moved to New York and then to Toronto when Maggie was about six years old.

About Maggie CalderHer biker Da got her riding motorbikes. By age 14, masking her face, she was racing against the boys. There were times she endured a beating from them when she won! Uncovering that youthful beauty leads to an unexpected career as a fashion model.

Maggie presented herself against the current stereotype, as a strong, independent young woman. Motorbike racer by day, model at night; she reached out for more.

Motorbike racer by day, model at night; she reached out for more.

After hitchhiking across the country, she found herself working in a Vancouver restaurant. She seemed to be the only person who could tolerate the executive chef’s habit of throwing knives. This endeared her enough to him that he got her into Vancouver’s premier chef school, Pierre Dubreuil, where she excelled.

There followed a stint managing a 5-star restaurant. A regular customer invited her to meet a friend. As fate would have it, the friend turned out to be – Eckhart Tolle! After a single conversation, Maggie knew she had found her path. At that moment, she gave her decision–making process over to the universe.

Maggie Calder Fire CeremonyFor 4 years, she studied with Tolle, assisting him and acting as his private chef. With his blessings, she founded Heartland Center in Chicago. Where she was, 13 years a stepmother for two boys. Heartland Center drew Shri guru Mooji in 2006, whom she then hosted, at times travelling with him to India, Brazil, and Portugal. Both Tolle and Mooji loved her cooking and her spiritual accomplishments and sent her off with their blessings to create new spaces and venues in Vancouver, Chicago, Thailand and Kelowna, B.C. Along the way, she was voted “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Business Women of Vancouver; she was the introductory speaker at Jason Silva, Caroline Myss, Bodhi, Eckhart Tolle maintained an interior design and building contractor business.

Then came 4 years in her beloved Chiang Mai, Thailand, learning to be a “nun-monk” at Wat Fai Hin, with Phra Bhasakorn, a noted teacher in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism.

She occupies today in the panoramic location, overlooking the Haro Strait to Mount Baker, eagles & hummingbirds flying past the deck. The treasures she brought from Asia are displayed. Here East meets West, her life’s mission to co-create the new ethos so desperately needed in these times.

To that end, she offers the Brain Spa Light and Infrared Therapy, Sound and Movement Meditation, Mindful Programs and Coaching. Most of these modalities can be accessed online, and all of them in person. Maggie loves sharing with new people and interacting in new communities, bringing a deeper awareness to all who are open to it. Together we are forming the new world.