Being MIndfulBeing Mindful Workshop

Have you ever regretted what you said to someone or been upset with yourself because you held back what you really wanted to say? If so, you are bumping into old patterns and past conditioning that are no longer working.

Those regrets are an indication that it’s time to release old patterns and find your authentic voice. Through mindfulness practice, you build confidence in using your authentic voice. It’s a powerful tool that can transform your life.

Being Mindful Workshop and Manual
Three-hour workshop, online or in-person: $120

The Being Mindful Workshop teaches a process that helps you embrace life. It shows you a new way of being. In this workshop, you learn mindful communication tools to develop a new truth language while strengthening your inner connection. It’s a four-module workshop in which you develop skills in mindfulness, communication, observation and intuition. These techniques empower you to engage in life as who you are today, not who you were.

Being Mindful Modules:

  • Module 1 Mindfulness: Learn how to know and perceive directly. To be conscious of something. To feel or be aware of events—a deeper understanding of the here and now.
  • Module 2 Communication: Discover communication tools to understand yourself and Higher Intelligence more clearly. These tools help you stay focused in the moment without judgment or connecting it to past experience or future expectations.
  • Module 3 Observation: Explore the difference between a thought-filled intellectual mind and a neutral mindful expression that brings clarity and solutions. Deepen your wisdom to respond rather than react, release autopilot reaction.
  • Module 4 Intuition: Learn to be in your Mindful Zone to understand your gut feelings. Think and live outside of the box. Immediately know something without rational reasoning. Develop insight without judgement from a spiritual perception.

Mindful practices create behavioural patterns for living successfully, with joy, kindness, and flow. Maggie Calder

In the Being Mindful Workshop, you also learn about the physical body, brain and chakra system that sends waves of information, creating the mind-body connection.

Being Mindful Awakens the Chakras

  • Chakra 1 Root ~ at the end of the spin. Connection to being in courage and truth on earth.
  • Chakra 2 Creative ~ below the belly button. Our creative center and passion for life.
  • Chakra 3 Emotional ~ stomach area. Understanding your world and knowing what to do with what you know.
  • Chakra 4 Heart ~ middle left area. To be and feel love. Unconditional love and kindness.
  • Chakra 5 Throat ~ front of the throat. To speak and be heard, understood and respected.
  • Chakra 6 Intuitive, Third Eye ~ middle of the forehead. The gut feeling awareness. It knows beyond the mind.
  • Chakra 7 Crown ~ top of the head. The gateway between heaven and earth, body and spirit. A powerful connection to Higher Intelligence.

This interactive workshop invites you to share your wisdom, personal insights and ask questions. Maggie will also share her insights from Higher Intelligence, specifically for the group.

The Being Mindful workshop assists in helping you discover who you are and the patterns, conditions or beliefs that no longer work. From there, we create tangible strategies to be able to live life in harmony and peace. You will be introduced to tools and techniques to create a new inner language that helps you be an excellent parent to yourself. This balances your emotional system to respond to life rather than react. You will create new behaviours that allow negative patterns to flow beyond limited conditioning.

We cannot control what is happening around us, yet Mindfully we can control how we respond rather than react to what is happening. Maggie Calder

It is time for a change to ignite a deep passion and purpose in your life. In this journey, you discover and share your natural Self or Sahaja State of being. You learn to Be Mindful, happy and productive with increased focus while improving all your relationships.

Being Mindful Commitment

Being Mindful Group Thailand 2018

  1. Participants agree to engage with limited judgment and open minds/hearts.
  2. Each person is committed to being honest with themselves and others.
  3. Each person is committed to participating to the best of their ability.
  4. Everyone is committed to deepen his or her inner self-journey and expand personal growth.

It took Maggie ten years to develop this workshop from her experience with teachers Eckhart Tolle, Sri Mooji, and Master Phra Bhasakorn (head Abbot of Wat Fai Hin temple Chiangmai, Thailand). Maggie has incorporated all of her world learnings into this workshop. She is incredibly grateful to Team Up Leadership in Thailand.

Begin your Mindful journey with Maggie!