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Have you ever felt you were repeating old patterns that get in the way of healthy relationships or life situations? If so, patterns from a childhood built on beliefs and conditioning are still playing out in your everyday life.

Core Vibration Energy Healing is a unique system that allows access to both higher consciousness and subconscious programming. With muscle testing and specially developed transformation cards, a conversation develops and directs you to specific events. We discover areas of your life in which experiences of shock, trauma, or negativity are ready to be released.

These experiences create blockages that disrupt the normal flow of life. Many times, they are contributing to physical illness and emotional difficulties. These blockages inhibit your ability to reach your full potential.

Core Vibration Magic Wand

Core Vibration Energy Healing locates the root cause of any issue and other associated aspects and removes them quickly, safely and permanently. This system’s intelligence often reveals how blockages can be absorbed from others, inherited from a parent, a past life karmic event or situation, and collective conditioning.

With Core Vibration Energy Healing, we reprogram the subconscious to change the unconscious behaviour that gets in the way. For instance, you may choose a different partner, yet the relationship pattern is similar to previous experiences. Together we discover patterns and please them. This recalibrates your unconscious behaviour, and the whole body-mind is refreshed and harmonized.

Core Vibration Energy Healing Session

Core Vibration Energy Healing: 1 hour for $110

Core and Light Therapy Combo Session: 1 hour for $135

During a session, we uncover what is ready to be released and changed. We look at trauma from childhood or limitations of emotional or physical patterning. These patterns are linked to your spin that houses the extensive inner filing system that makes you who you are today. We clarify what is ready to be released.

In each system, Maggie balances the chakra body, brain communication and emotional energy response. Through muscle testing and channelling, she helps open safety pathways, love and right action. It is not about releasing your inner filling system; instead, it transforms them through 16 ways of body and mind equilibrium.

  • Root Chakra ~ colour red is our connection to mother earth, to our community and world.
  • Creative Chakra ~ colour orange is our creative center, our passion. This chakra allows us to take new ideas and make them happen.
  • Emotional Chakra ~ colour yellow is the place we connect to our body and intuition. It allows us to know when something is right or wrong for us.
  • Heart Chakra ~ colour green/pink is the chakra of the human emotional love and spiritual, unconditional heart—the wisdom of truth and compassion.
  • Throat Chakra ~ colour blue is our connection to the vocal cords and holds the vibration of confidence to speak our truth.
  • Intuitive 3rd Eye Chakra ~ colour purple is where we receive wisdom from our intuitive Self or Higher Intelligence, understood from the third eye chakra.
  • Crown Chakra ~ colour indigo is the gateway for our higher Spiritual Self, allowing our conscious mind to understand higher wisdom.
Core Vibration Fast Track Session

Maggie also implements the following techniques gifted from the Fast Track system in all Core Vibration Energy Healing sessions are:

Founded from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

  • Brain gym
  • Empathic muscle testing
  • Chakra body-coloured eyeglasses
  • Magnetic meridian balancing

Core Vibration Introduction Worksop

Includes a manual, 16-card set, haematite magnet and pendulum: 5-hour workshop for $150

The Core Vibration Introduction pinpoints physical or emotional blocks and opens the pathways of self-healing. During this class, you learn the 16-card system and how to muscle test and use a pendulum. You will understand how to clear your body system for continual healing and recalibration. This super-conscious healing will balance your conscious life experience.Lake Embace


While living in Thailand, Maggie discovered the Core Vibration Energy Healing 16 card system set in the Fast-Track modality. Optimal healing fits self-investigation, self-realization and self-renewal in immediate and permanent, positive change. A five-year discovery helps another transform physical and emotional difficulties, addictive habits at the root cause. Knowing this system will quickly remove painful patterns ready to be released. It is safe and felt now.