Light Therapy

Brain Spa Light TherapyWhen was the last time you exercised your brain? We’ve heard plenty about exercising the body. Why not the brain, too?

Light Therapy is a mini-brain spa that exercises the brain. Using 5,000 lumens of light, the white movement of light beats at each brainwave rhythm harmonizes the pineal gland. This gland is the emotional center and secretes melatonin, which balances your internal clock.

Your brain has six waves or neurons that work in a direct relationship with the pineal gland. This area of the brain secretes a milky dew around it for protection. When we experience discomfort such as stress, anxiety, depression, ADHA, trauma or insomnia, we may feel foggy and unable to make clear decisions. Through Light Therapy, each brainwave receives the stimulation to guide the brain back to a naturally happy state.

Light Therapy Session

Light Therapy/Brain Spa Session: 30 minutes for $55

Light and Core Vibration Combo Session: 1 hour for $135

During a 30- minute session, you sit or lie down with your eyes closed as white light pulses, activating brain communication. You will often see colours and geometric shapes, circles or triangles. Catching colours, along with the shapes, are an indication of strengthening or building neurons.

Brain Spa Light Therapy

After a session, clients report they feel that the hemispheres of the brain are in balance. They also notice that light therapy.

  • Brings clarity to foggy thinking
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Deepens inner meditation and stillness
  • Invokes feelings of happiness and inner peace
  • Supports the release of stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression
  • Re-establishes natural state of deep relaxation and sleep

The Six Brainwaves

What wires together fires together. The brain is our most extraordinary firing machine designed as our master communicator for the body, mind, soul connection. All six brain waves support our body system offering many therapeutic Hz or frequencies.

  • Delta Brainwaves ~ 4Hz to 20Hz: Anti-Aging REM state, healing body
  • Theta Brainwaves ~ 4Hz to 8Hz: Understanding our thoughts or outer world
  • Alpha Brainwaves ~ 8Hz to 12Hz: Knowing what to do with our throughs and outer world
  • Beta Brainwaves ~ 12Hz to 38Hz: Concentration, communication, learning, writing, languages
  • Gamma Brainwaves ~ 40Hz to 200Hz: Deep meditation, feeling safe, connection to higher intelligence
  • Lambda Brainwaves ~ 100Hz to 300Hz: Deep insights, astral travel, inner wisdom connected to higher realms

Brain Spa BenefitsThe Schumann Resonance Frequency is not of the human brain, rather the vibration of our earth. It is the frequency of plant life much higher than what our brain can produce. When we are in nature, we receive an activation that lifts our brain to its’ highest level. A Schumann session can connect us deeper to earth, our home.

Our brainwaves influence a deeper relationship to our chakra body (spinning energy within, of inner connection), our electric magnetic field (system connected to fascia), as well as our meridians (beliefs and conditioning). These internal systems are balanced through light therapy at the sun’s frequency, a healing light for all.

Light Therapy Science

Brain Spa Light Therapy

100 billion neurotransmitters re-wire every second.

Each year the brain’s neural pathways change. Limitations in the neural pathway can happen through trauma, shock, ageing, illness, or an accident. Memory loss and dis-ease are often the results of this degeneration. With trauma or shock, brain communication likely requires some type of support, or over time, it may lead to feeling fatigued, depressed, anxious, fearful, or sleeplessness.

The electromagnetic spectrum (light) extends at different frequencies called wavelengths. The wavelengths from 400 to 700 are visible to us, measured in nanometers. When we experience the different wavelengths of light, our sense of Being expands, giving us feelings of empowerment. We connect to a deeper inner Self, often changing our life to a more unified experience.

Brain entrainment was discovered around 200AD by Ptolemy, philosophizing on the mental effects of sunlight generated by a spinning wheel. In 1665, Dutch scientist Christian Huygens recorded the first entrainment phenomenon. Over the past three decades, significant advances in neuroscience have greatly improved our understanding of how the brain works. Until the1980s, neuroscientists believed that the brain developed during childhood, then by adulthood, locked into the fixed form that is retained for the rest of our lives. The brain was viewed as a static body part that lacked the capacity to heal or change itself, and it would eventually wear out and break down.

Brain Spa Light Therapy

Around 1994, neuroscience went through a dramatic shift in perspective that has profound implications for mindfulness practitioners. Modern brain-imaging technology revealed that the brain continually rewires itself due to how we feel, what we think, how we use our body and what we experience. This phenomenon is referred to as the plasticity of the brain, made of nerve cells called neurons. That are over 100 billion neurotransmitters firing and re-wiring every second, even when we are sleeping.