Mandala Movement

Mandala Movement

Have you ever allowed your body to move you rather than you move your body? Do you feel disconnected from your body’s wisdom and flow? Have you lost love for your body? Are you willing to look deep within?

Mandala Movement is a movement meditation based on the five Kosha philosophies, as it guides participants to discover their natural Self in motion. When you move your body in its natural flow, balance and healing occur. This flow requires less energy to move and allows your complete life force healing to return. It guides you back to harmony while expanding your consciousness to what is optimal for you today.

Mandal Movement

Mandala Movement: 1.5 hours for $20

The meditation is held in a dimly lit room with your eyes closed or having a soft gaze. Inspirational, 11-layer music plays in the background as you drop into the core of your body and allow it to move you, rather than you moving it. There are no movement rules.

The first layer of the music sets the foundation to embrace a deeper awareness of each of the following ten musical layers. Mandala Movement weaves you physically and emotionally into the fabric of the universe. Complete and whole in oneness.

Maggie holds a safe and protected space for you to deepen your inner journey. This movement allows you to release any physical discomfort and emotional pain stored in your muscle memory. The music’s beats and rhythm guide you profoundly into your soul, moving as your soul rather than your mind’s requirements. Any anger, fear, frustration transforms into peace, freedom and happiness.

Mandala Movement begins gently introducing the gateway to spinal wave body release and ends in stillness and meditation. We close the group in a candle circle to see and be seen. See the truth to who you are today. It is freedom in Higher Intelligence.

Maggie Mandala Movement

Mandala Movement is Liberating, even Blissful!

Five elements will be integrated from the music throughout the class, infusing it with trust and freedom. Anyone who holds a mature consciousness can attend, even if you are not able to stand up and move—no age requirements.

Mandala Movement History

In the early 90s, Maggie was invited to a profound five rhythms class in New York City. Her life changed forever. Throughout her life, Maggie has embraced tai chi, meditation, yoga, ecstatic dance, and walking meditation as a monk in northern Thailand. These skills are woven within Maggie’s teachings, as she has a great passion for body soul consciousness.

While living in Thailand, Maggie deepened her movement wisdom. With great appreciation and respect to Areeradh at Yoga Tree, Maggie became a Mandala instructor.

The birth of the Mandala Movement arrived!