Mindful With MaggieMindful with Maggie

Imagine your life based on choices made from the heart that line up with your core values. When you are mindful, the structure from the mind harmonizes with higher intelligence to live happily.

Mindfulness is to bring our attention to what is happening in our mind (thoughts), our body (feelings) and our surroundings (outer world) while responding curious and compassionate. Mindful allows for our internal dialogue to increase the motivation of right action harmonizing our inner and outer world.

Embrace this hour zoom class beginning with a Mindful Topic opening to the group for insight, wisdom and learning. Mindfulness enriches your life effectively to respond rather than react to it. Answers will come for any life situation to guide them from limitation to expansion. A transformation of feeling a more inner connection.

Mindful topics are to investigate within, permitting ourselves to look deeper at life in a fresh new way. To build a new earth and community from what it is, not to what it is calling for us to be. To deepen this wisdom and learning, we will close the class with a short meditation.

Mindful three key actions

  • Be Real
  • Be YOU
  • Be Kind

Date & Time: EVERY Saturday from 10 am to 11 am (pst)

Cost: Suggested donation of $11.00 – Book your seat for zoom link.

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