Path Finder


Do you feel powerful in who you are today? Is the path you are on no longer serving you? Do you truly understand your life’s meaning?

Maggie is a Pathfinder!

Using numerology, Maggie will help you discover who you are in this lifetime. When you understand your birth path and name, you can transform feelings of overwhelm, stress and struggle into harmony. You will rediscover your life’s purpose and can use this to improve areas of your life, such as career and relationships. This powerful wisdom will uncover your natural Self.

What is Numerology?

According to the dictionary, numerology is a branch of knowledge that deals with numbers’ occult significance. It is mathematics; our universe is all about mathematics. In numerology, each number has a meaning. Each meaning has a vibration that affects our world and how it responds to us. You are an expression of numbers that create life experiences and touch this world like NO other. That is how magnificent you are.

Numerology is founded on mathematics. Your birth month, day, year, even the day you were born, all matters. From the second you were born, this created a calculation rhythm that changed the world. At that moment, your numerology orchestra began to play.

When your parents or caregiver named you, that created a different set of mathematical calculations that influences your birth path, between your called name and your birth path, you are indeed the sound of music.

Pathfinder Session

Includes Core Vibration Healing and Light Therapy: 4 hours for $240

pathfinder session is based on the numerology of these two power paths you are living out. A name and birth chart is described by its Yin and Yang, or expanded and contracted states. To know your limitations and power is to live your life path. You will have a deeper understanding of your whole Self from body, mind and soul. This wisdom gives you the tools required to respond to life rather than react to it.

Using numerology, knowing your birth path and name will direct your life purpose to experience success. There is no more guessing about how to live your life. There are always things that we do not like to hear, yet with Maggie’s channelling and Life Coaching gift, she works with you to find your limitations to be your most significant growth in who you are in this lifetime.

The truth of who you are is revealed throughout the session. You will discover your natural Self. Physical and emotional limitations will always be with us; everyone experiences this, but you do bring life into peace and happiness. We can fight with it or make it the most excellent tool in life. Find your Path in this lifetime to move it from acceptable to exceptional.

Maggie has helped many transform dreams into action and expand harmony and happiness within their lives. In a Pathfinder Session, Maggie works with you by offering numerology, intuitive wisdom, Core Vibration Healing and Light Therapy-Brain Spa. All these modalities combined sets your life path foundation.