Sound Meditation

Sound Temple Meditation

Do you feel foggy or disconnected, maybe even unhappy? This is due to an emotional or physical separation of your mind-body-soul system.

Sound Meditation is much like hearing a bird sing. It’s a sweet tone to our ears and profound awareness in our mind-body system.

The first sound we hear is our mother’s heartbeat, a profound confirmation that we are an active part of life. This beat fills us with safety and comfort. Sound is an inner element that allows us to open interaction with the world. We respond to life rather than react to it. Knowing our own internal rhythm and sound leads us to an extraordinary life.

The Tibetan and crystal bowls send out a vibration that our body recognizes. The Tibetan bowls are handmade from gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, tin and lead. They produce a rhythm much like our mothers’ heartbeat. The Crystal bowls are made from ground-up crystals and glass. They are tuned to our Higher Intelligence frequency. Both these bowls are recognized throughout our chakra bodies. Sound is a healing system that balances our life force and intuitive skills.

Sound Temple Meditation ClassTibetan Sound Bowls

Online and in-person class: 1 hour for $25

For the sound temple mediation, you simply get comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Maggie sets her Light Therapy to Gamma brainwave to activate the Pineal Gland for deep inner meditation. When Light Therapy connects to our electromagnetic spectrum, this awakens the brain from a sleep state. These frequencies are called wavelengths and expand your brain intelligence to become more clear and focused.

Maggie may invite Olga to chant sounds of our soul language or have Justin play his flute while she offers a profound guided meditation through channelling conscious presence.

Our charka system recognizes sound vibration. Like our mother’s heartbeat, sound resonates deep within to awaken healing, internal connection, peace and deep meditation. We naturally respond, rather than react, to life, allowing us to move in harmony within all our interactions.

Sound Bowls OutsideThis sound temple mediation class does not teach a technique. Instead, it connects you to a deeper understanding of your body, mind and soul expression. Sound meditation sets the foundation of your life, starting with your mother’s heartbeat. It allows you to enter into your natural state or Sahaja State of Being. Often, you will experience a release of stress, fears and transformation of old traumas.

Sound Temple is blissful!

Before the meditation, you will become aware of how you feel, inviting pains and discomforts. After the reflection, you understand how all these sounds bring your whole system back to equilibrium, including your charka body system – into your natural Self. The sound meditation will reveal a powerful conscious presence infused during the class. All sound frequencies embody who we are in the here and now.

Charka Body System

Tibetan Sound Bath Meditation

  1. Root chakra: Fear and Survival – Color, Red, Element Gold, Planet Sun, Sound Lum “F”
  2. Creative chakra: Guilt and Pleasure – Color: Orange, Element Silver, Planet Moon, Sound Vum “C”
  3. Emotional chakra: Shame and Willpower – Color Yellow, Planet Mercury, Sound Rum “G”
  4. Heart chakra: Grief and Love – Color Green/pink, Element Copper, Planet Venus, Sound Yum “D”
  5. Throat chakra: Lies & Truth – Color Blue, Element Iron, Planet Mars, Sound Hum “A”
  6. Third Eye chakra: Illusion & insight – Color: Indigo, Element Tin, Planet Jupiter, Sound OM “E”
  7. Crown chakra: Ego Attachment & Spirit – Color Violet, Element Lead, Planet Saturn, Sound Ahh “B”

Each Charka within us holds vital information that transforms our life. In Sound Meditation, you experience this right away. We are activating our original connection to the beloved heartbeat within us. Even the earth has a rhythm like a heartbeat that we connect to from the root chakra.